I remember my dad buying the Bible on floppies from the Commodore World expo when I was a kid. Much earlier than 1990, though.

AUTOEXEC/CONFIG.SYS Backup (or anything config backup. Whenever we got something working, we saved it to a floppy)
MIDI Files
Amortization Tables - we had that one. Typed it in from Compute's Gazette
BBS Mail Archives
Recipe DB
Card File
School Work - anyone else remember having your one disk the school gave you?

October 1, 2019 7:56 PM, "David Friedman" <david@ironicsans.com> wrote:
You're the perfect group of people to turn to for help with this.
I'm working on a video where a significant prop is an old box of 3.5" HDD disks. I managed to get an old unopened box of pristine disks and labels. Now I need to write on the labels and make them look like someone has actually been using these disks, circa 1990-2000 or so.
All the labels should feel real, but they can't use trademarks. So they can't say "AOL installer" for example.
I've got up to 50 of these, and I'm open to ideas. The gist of what I've got so far is:
Term Papers
Personal Letters
Mouse Driver 1.1
Fax/Modem Software
Soundcard Driver
NEW Soundcard Driver
Mom's Spaghetti
Pixel Racer Man
Shoehorn DB
PCI Bus Ethernet Drvr
CD-ROM Device Driver
Very Important Data
1337 Warez
You get the idea. Send me your suggestions!